Free Pedometer for each participating student !

Starting on Wednesday 19 September, The Global Children's Challenge™ is a health initiative designed to get children between the ages of 8 – 11 from all over the world active, and instil in them the habit and importance of daily exercise for the rest of their lives.
The Global Children’s Challenge™ was developed following the success of the Global Corporate Challenge®, which since its launch in 2004, has helped over 300,000 adults globally develop a better relationship with exercise.
The 2011 Global Children’s Challenge was completed by 120,000 students across 23 countries and was a huge success. This year they’ll be stepping things up, helping 165,000 students to get more active and take a virtual journey around the world, without cost to the schools or parents.
Every child receives a FREE pedometer to track their daily step count and to measure their activity levels against the goals they are encouraged to achieve. Their daily steps in the 'real' world take them on an amazing web-based adventure in a 'virtual' one.