British Council Nepal has announced IELTS Awards 2016 for supporting Nepalese students in their studies abroad at the higher institution that accepts IELTS as the requirement for the English language competency.
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2 selected scholars will be provided the scholarship value of NRs 500000 each and the payment will be made directly to the university on behalf of the student for covering (part of) tuition fees.

However, the scholarship amount maybe surplus if the student gets payment for the same at free education countries like Germany ( or low fee education countries like Finland). British Council needs to see the matter quite with wider horizon.

This announcement clearly describes some of the requirements:
1) Program: undergraduate or graduate,
2) Starting Year: 2016 ( Candidate must submit acceptance letter by August 19, 2016)
3) IELTS Score and Test Dates: minimum 6, Test Dates from December 1, 2014 to July 14, 2016

Click here to download application form and more information.