In our previous post, we have introduced which comprises many web flipbook versions of various publications posted by various contributors.

Many teachers and students across the globe could have benefited from to access the high quality textbooks and reference materials for study contents across various disciplines ranging from natural sciences and mathematics to social sciences and arts.

Most of  these books are kept downloadable from the website. However, the contributors also choose not to show the download link. In the WWW, it is now possible to download the flipbook from even without the download link / button. 

In this article, we guide on both ways to download the flipbooks from

How to download flipbook from with download link / button?

1. Log in to

2. Browse your favourite textbook.

3. Click on the orange coloured button 'download PDF'.

How to download flipbook from without download link / button?

1. Browse your favourite textbook.

2. Copy the weblink (URL) of your favourite textbook from address bar.

3. Go to

4. Paste the weblink (URL) of anyflip document in the text area.

5. Click on the blue coloured button 'view pages and download PDF'.

6. You will be taken to another webpage where you will see individual pages of the textbook. You can save individual pages as image file (JPEG format) or you can save entire book as PDF.

7. To save entire book as PDF, click on the blue button 'save all pages to PDF'.

8. It will take sometime processing to make a PDF document. Please have patience during this process. 

9. Eventually, you will see a button 'your PDF is ready, click here to download it'. Click on the same button. Now, your browser will save your favourite anyflip document as PDF file.

Do you want to compress the PDF file to smaller size? Then you can try