1st School Environment Collaboration 2070

UPDATE (7th September, 2013)
We got many applications and we accepted all applications. When it comes to application in the class situations, many faced challenges. However, some schools in our network are in pursuit of this crossing those challenges.

We are pleased to announce our program called School Environment Collaboration. We will include 5 schools across Nepal for this program which will run from April 2013 – March 2014 (Academic Year 2070 BS). The program focuses on outdoor and practical lesson delivery around the curriculum. The lessons will be water, biodiversity, ecosystem, natural resources and human impact.

The activities that take place in this program will be:
 1) Joint practice based environmental education projects in different schools
 2) Teachers’ blog in http://www.nepaleseteacher.org/
 3) Training to teachers
 4) Assistance to form and empower school based eco clubs.

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