For Sustainable Development

Sounds very pleasing and inspiring, when we gossip on SD.

Let me extract some words of J.A. Eliott ::
… It will be seen that sustainable development in the future requires actions for change at all levels, adressing both the human and physical environments and through interventions in physical, political-economic and social processes …

Adams (1990) :: ..the concept of sustainable development cannot be understood in a historical vacuum… necessary to understand the changes in thinking and practice from which the concept has developed. Of particular importance are the changes in thinking about what constitutes development and how best to achievce it, and changing ideas about the ‘environment’.

We youth, in this particular issue, need to access if our each and every thinking, actions are sustainably favourable for the planet Earth? We are the part of the ‘population bomb’ ; its critical time to access how green we think and how we transform those thoughts into actions.

Few examples to check, have we begun ?? ::
1> replaced traditional bulbs with CFLs?
2> planted and cared some 5 trees?
3> walked some less than 5 Kms, rather than using automobiles?
4> reused the back side of ‘printed and outdated non-confidential letters’?
5> …
6> …
This will become a BIG checklist, so as to incorporate the actions of ‘two worlds :: developing and developed’.
Rest is upon us, lets transform our enthusiasm into actions ..
Dipesh Dulal (दिपेश दुलाल)

This is Dipesh Dulal who simply loves to work with people and be with people. I love inspiring and getting inspired. Do count me if you feel the same, and more if you are into school education. linkedin

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