A Missed Opportunity

"Time and tide wait for none."

I got a phone call by the Principal of my college on the late fine morning of February in 2007 whilst I was teaching in a class. The foremost, I was not much excited but was keen on finding how he had found my school’s phone no. inasmuch as I had not shared my office's phone to anyone. I was really possessed with his call because we had holidays for the preparation of bachelor's first year exams.

The call has really aroused my curiosity. I met Principal who detailed why I was called suddenly. I was recommended by him for the 100 % scholarship to study IT (Information Technology) in South Korea, the course duration of which was five-year. I was handed over with some sheets of paper containing application form and some information. I couldn't remember of other words to express my gratitude to him except "Thank you!" I was really grateful to him; I was indebted to his contribution. I gave him higher position than my father because my father used to discourage me for higher studies. I was surprised why I was selected for the scholarship albeit I was graduation first year student. Thenceforth, I dreamed of earning international degree, and of living in South Korea to make money. I had almost compiled all the documents except for the medical prescription that required for submitting to the Embassy of South Korea.

Right ahead of deadline, I got a phone call; I didn't know that would turn the mode of direction. It was from the biggest and mostly recognized hospital situated in eastern region. I had to sign a medical contract paper and take care of my mom on the same day as there was no one. I phoned my honourable Principal and besought him to deliver my medical prescription. I had never expected refusal from him. But he did. I cogitated how a person could disappoint me who himself made me dream of golden future. His refusal was incredible. I kept vigil. I was wondering how I could make right decision. On the night of that day, I felt as if I were bridging the gap between death and birth. It was the toughest question I had ever coped with. I started weighing my mother and my career on the scales. Eventually, I reached a decision to go and email the medical prescription to a friend of mine. On the way, all of a sudden some madhesi people called strike. How they could assess the loss of someone-- their mind was filled with the wrong concept of strike or band as a way of demanding. I was disheartened. I was unable to resist their movement. The bus I was going by was stuck. My dream was shattered. What I could do except cursing the God who showed me false dream. Since that unfortunate event I have been distressed with political scenario of my motherland. And I have been feeling the importance of time. A saying has stuck to my mind: Time and tide wait for none. Opportunity doesn't come time and again, we should grasp it tactfully. This is what I have experienced.
Amar Bahadur Sherma (ELT)

Mr Sherma is HOD of English at Euro School, Online English Teacher and Content Writer at MiDas Education, English Textbook Writer at KEDC and Editor-in-Chief of Writers' Diary.

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