Dialogue and communication skills online workshop

The Earth Charter International Secretariat in collaboration with Stephanie Tansey is organizing a free online workshop on dialogue and communication skills to promote sustainability.
You are invited to attend this workshop that will take place on October 13th at 13:00hrs GMT
(2:00pm London time, 9:00am New York time, 9:00 pm China time).
Use this link to enter to the virtual meeting room:
Stephanie Tansey is the director of Earth Charter Communities Network (ECCN), an informal international network of people dedicated to nurturing self-educators to want to become global citizens through an education program.
In this workshop, she will demonstrate how she has been teaching the principles of the Earth Charter and the methods she uses that have worked effectively in Turkmenistan, Israel, Nigeria and now in China.
Stephanie will explore in this workshop how to improve dialogue skills, writing communications, community-building, and deepening the connection between our traditional cultural values and the values of a modern, sustainable society. In her workshops, participants discover that thinking, communicating and acting like a community of life has made their relationships improve, their writing is more effective and their desire to support their community grows. In many cases their community changes for the better. As Stephanie Tansey said: “This is the power of teaching the principles of the Earth Charter. People become global citizens who want to save the world and go out into their communities to help them get better”.
Click here for more information, and please share this invitation with your colleagues and friends.
Dipesh Dulal (दिपेश दुलाल)

This is Dipesh Dulal who simply loves to work with people and be with people. I love inspiring and getting inspired. Do count me if you feel the same, and more if you are into school education. linkedin

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