Call for Submissions for Peace Education in Action Online Course

Teachers Without Borders is seeking contributions of narrative case studies on peace education in action around the world. The contributions will be used for an Open Education Resource (OER) course that will examine how peace education is being implemented globally as well as peace education promising practices and lessons learned. The OER course intends to raise awareness of the myriad of forms that peace education can take in different contexts and settings.

All submissions are due via e-mail by February 1, 2012. A contribution should be in narrative form (1500-2500 words in length) and should describe the peace education project in detail. It should include:

• description of the context and setting

• rationale for the peace education project/intervention

• thorough description of the project and implementation

• explanation of evaluation methods

• promising practices and lessons learned

• contributor’s contact information (name, e-mail, website, and organization)

The case studies do not necessarily have to be success stories. While examining promising practices is one goal of this OER course, TWB also wants to examine what does not work and why.

Course developers will review submissions in the month of February and authors will be notified of the selection of their contribution and following steps toward publication by March 1, 2012. Multiple authors per submission (e.g. the combined perspective of two practitioners or a practitioner and participant together) are allowed, as long as a narrative style is maintained.

This is an ideal opportunity for peace education programs to publicize their presence, engage in reflective practice, and share important experiential lessons. The OER course will be used around the world by both experienced and novice peace education practitioners.

Please feel free to share this message with colleagues, as the goal of the project is to obtain a wide range of submissions in order to fairly represent effective practice across a variety of experiences.

With further questions on the submission process, please email Stephanie Knox Cubbon or Amanda Munroe at

For more information on Teachers Without Borders, the Peace Education program, or similar Peace Education OER curricula, please visit the Teachers Without Borders Peace Education Program page.
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