Deepest lake of Nepal : What are you teaching ?

Rara lake (Source: Wikipedia)
I still remember being much enthusiastic in learning geography at school. Those days were not as gadgetful as these days. However, I still have good impression of learning as our country Nepal was still in 'development' and I was lucky enough to learn English right from the age of 6.These days, the resources like internet, TV, and more have made the learning much easier than before. Of course, the learning and teaching in the whole world is getting technology as boon for efficient output.

Let me mention here the 'pros' and 'cons' of teaching with technology. Most of the developed countries have already set the materials for teaching (based on age specific curriculum) from their own 'education departments' , which the teachers can access using the classroom's PCs or laptops. This is indeed the scientific utilisation of resources.Many other enthusiastic teachers who wish to give data, specific about 'deepest lake' , 'highest peak' (or anything like these) may do something wrong if they continue without having skeptical eyes on the 'internet' or 'whatever they learned from their school-teachers'. I came across this situation when I tried to proofread the then fact about the Phoksundo lake (Dolpa, Nepal).
Phoksundo lake (Source: Wikipedia)
Wiki about Rara Lake (see. Max Depth) , that about Phoksundo Lake (see. Max Depth) and the relevant web archive of authentic News from professional web portal of Nepal led me to rethink about how to prepare before I teach, even about the (then) established fact about geography (and may be other subjects).
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  1. The depth of the Tsho Rolpa lake is 270 meters - Phoksundo is 145 meters and the Rara Lake is 167 meters. What is it? People say it is RARA - the deepest lake of Nepal.

    Check facts in WiKi - as of 2017/8/24

    1. Hi, That's why I have written the article, urging teachers to refer to authenticity that comes after scientific investigation.

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