Serious about World Ecosystem ? : Go4BioDiv 2012, India

It is estimated that marine plants produce about 70 to 80 percent of oxygen gas and release to the atmosphere. The kids at school were amazed to hear this, when I was lecturing on 'marine pollution'.

Picture Source : Washington State Parks 
I have been fascinated by the world's effort on putting vocational and applied science degrees on marine ecosystem, environmental ethics, environmental law. Though my motherland Nepal is a land-locked country, I have keen interest on marine world as it is our common , at least for existence of life in this planet earth. 

We should not forget the scientific evidences which lead us to accept that life started due to marine environment and development of life forms accelerated in the planet earth because of the marine biodiversity.

The marine pollution, oil spills, oil leakages, dumping, overfishing, whaling, global warming, recreational overuse and many among others are threats to the marine ecosystem and to of course the marine biodiversity.

I hereby call global colleagues to meet and seriously involve yourself in an International Youth Forum titled Go4BioDiv 2012 (and of course beyond) which is going to be held in the Sundarbans, India from October 6-15, 2012. The theme of Go4BioDiv 2012 will be ‘Conserving coastal and marine biodiversity for sustaining life and livelihoods’. Then the participants will join CoP-11 of the CBD, the UN system of Biodiversity Convention going to be held in Hyderabad, India in the same month.

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Act now, otherwise when ?
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