Nepal calls application for Teacher Recruitment :Find the details.

It has always been a controversy when it comes to teacher recruitment in 'community schools' in Nepal. The teacher recruitment is done centrally by the line agency of the ministry called 'Teacher Service Commission' which makes the placement a permanent one with much more facilities to the recruited one. But the recruitment process happens in 'once in a lifetime' manner. The current vacancy for 10,000+ teachers was an announcement after around 20 years.

The community schools are in need of teachers at huge volume. It is said that the country needs 100,000+ additional teachers at community schools. Owing to the higher secondary levels (10+2) at the same school, it may add some 20,000 more teachers.

It is said the urgent need of the teachers were being fulfilled upon 'temporary recruitment' during those 20 years. This happened upon political influence, favouritism and nepotism. Ministers thought that teacher recruitment in a society adds to their vote-bank.

All these happenings are not good for us who aspire for possible scientific and fair recruitment.

However, the Teacher Service Commission has called vacancy. To see those vacancies easily, please download these documents, print and act accordingly if you are willing to compete for recruitment.

L_SECONDARY (Lower Secondary School)
PRIMARY (Primary School)
SECONDARY (Secondary School)
Rajendra Kattel

* Participated as a single Nepalese presenter in “International society for teacher Education (isfte)” convention in Paro-Valley, Bhutan in May 2012 * Participated as a Team Leader of Nepalese team in the “International Young Mathematicians’ Convention” in City Montessori School, Lucknow, India in December 2012. * Participated as a Team Leader of Nepalese team in the “International Mathematics Competition” in Burgas, Bulgaria in July 2013. * Participated as a Team Leader of Nepalese team in the 6th “International Tournament of Young Mathematician” in Jacobs University, Germany in July 2014. * Participated as a Team Leader of Nepalese Team in the "International Mathematics and Science Olympiad for Primary Level" in Pathumthani, Thailand in November 2015.

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