Online Course: Introduction to Global Urban Education

The following information is copy pasted from the e-mail from 'Teachers without Borders'.

The Johns Hopkins University School of Education, in partnership with Teachers Without Borders, has developed an online course for teachers which focuses on pressing global issues for educators. Available to teachers worldwide starting February 2013, Introduction to Global Urban Education is believed to be the only course of its kind that addresses the benefits and liabilities of international educational comparisons; the value of connecting classrooms, colleagues, and communities; the urgency of emergency education around the world and domestically; and the skills necessary to serve all students who populate classrooms.

The course was developed and will be team-taught by Dr. Fred Mednick, founder of Teachers Without Borders, who is also a Visiting Fellow at theJohns Hopkins University School of Education, and Dr. Eric Rice, assistant professor at the School of Education. Both have extensive experience with global education programming and education quality.

Registration is now open
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