Education for Sustainable Development

Mr. Suresh Mukhiya , Development Practitioner

“Rainbow seems beautiful only when all its color scatters at a time, absence of its color can de-valuate the rainbow as well, so is the nation. It won’t get its real image flaunted until it won’t get colored with education. Similarly Sustainable development can’t be imagined if the nation lacks education.”

There is no doubt; education is one only way to make an individual stand on their feet to support the Nation with their unique ideas and creativity. Many times world has witnessed the God gifted talent in a singular hidden in the crowd of world and suddenly gets highlighted for their uniqueness but the story doesn’t ends there, at the same place when such talent hasn’t been carved with proper education then we have continuously been hearing the negative result progressed because of them.

26/11 in India was an example of such incident. Ajmal Amir Kasab, a young mind who dared to get several breaths taking training to battle India at such a raw age, if such dare would have been used in any exams then maybe  he would be alive putting in sparkling stars in his country name, no doubt. His country would have been feeling proud on him instead of shame that he left behind. If this incident  would be analyzed then  It wasn’t his fault only, his country was equal participant for it, All that happened   due to education factor lacking in his environment, he wasn’t noticed of difference between good and worst, so the result took place. By this we can easily figure out that the education with the typical guidance has potential to change the negative attitude into positive, Evil into Angel.

If talking about Nepal’s storm metropolitan city say Kathmandu where life style of people is totally luxurious, the people of here are teamed with facilities of schools, colleges and mostly the sense of equality about the male and female education, both are getting sufficient opportunities to view the world through literacy which has given the place an excellent panoramic view but if the focus will be moved towards those villages where at least the word “EDUCATION” hasn’t been pronounced yet then somewhere inside it makes feel curse upon humanity because they have still kept in starvation stage, so how would they think for education.

Although we have reached in 21st century but due to lack of education people have forced to adopt the mentality say blind belief that male can only be participated for the earning of knowledge because they consider only male have stamina to face the world.In this this way such issue has remained constant as it used to be in an ancient era. At a place they are using their entire asset in male’s progression and at the same spot they are basically seeding disability in females by keeping them inside the boundary for household work, serving sex, children production etc. It is said and get advertised time and again that male and female are the two sides of a single coin and people have adopted it too but I have a separate view, if it is so then we should better know, at the time we viewing its one part then the next part always remains in dark and that’s the fault we keep on repeating.

Statistics clearly suggests that gender disparity in Nepalese society has remarkable stain on it as Nepal has the lowest female literacy rate among the SAARC countries; the literacy rate of people above six years is 54 percent in which 63 percent are males and 42.5 percent are females. The net enrollment rate for the males holds 86 percent where females are with 74.60 percent. If we have wished a new Nepal then it needs to give both the gender an opportunity to compete together from the same start line and that would be appropriate judgment.

Recently Education Journalist of Nepal have mentioned in one of their report that the government policy continues to place the strong emphasis on educating girls. But the Maoist insurgency in the rural areas disturbed the current plans and policies. Teachers have been beaten to death and even killed; school buildings have been bombed and destroyed by the insurgents. Kidnapping of students and disturbing their Exam made normal functioning of the education system increasingly difficult under the present circumstances. It directly indicates that somewhere politics which is known as the only key factor to establish the nation has chained the REVOLUTION MAKER in an isolated place.

We don’t need to go somewhere else, let’s take example of villages of our great country Nepal, the guardians of such victims are not conscious about their offspring’s future, they have never been found thinking that their female must be having some unique features, their children too have thought to do something special for their nation so that their identity will be captured in history with the golden lenses forever. But ya in return of their sacrifices, they have been titled as BURDEN which gets relief after their marriage. Lots of book has been written on the topic “female education” but all those have been limited only in those thick books which have just made the papers of books increased, not the quantity of enrollment of females for education.

There are lots of government as well as non-government organization working to bring some change. This isn’t whole true that the government isn’t using capital upon providing education to the people deprived from education but despite of government huge investment on education sector, there is no any progress in this field and young generation are disabled to get its  small portion of light, there must be some error going on, there must be some virus which has disturbed the link between the government and an individual people which need to get traced at punctual time otherwise the blunder is no more far from the destruction of society.

Finally I would like to suggest that each and every citizen of nation should step up to take command over this issue thinking that it’s their personal problem not the national problem. Several fruitful strategies to encourage equality education should be made my government and executed by the nationals so that it can bring sustainable development for country as well as for us too. In spite of investing those storm investment through government as well as non-government organization, some new policies be made through which some deserving specialists should be hired to detect the error and work upon it in certain time limit.Not only this much, there should be routine checkup by the other individual hired for it, just like the game CHESS where all the players are said to be safe when you keep them in care of one another.

We should always keep in mind that the first atomic bomb was made in USA during Second World War to protect the nation from their enemies but later it had brought unimagined destruction and the reason behind it was un-human behavior which is no doubt caused by the absence of proper education.

I hope the day will surely come when the rainbow i.e. our Nepal will flaunt his most adorable image and be in position to maintain a sustainable development forever with the help of education and we(male and female) would be proud to say “Great Nepal, Our Nepal”

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