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Tribhuvan University - Kathmandu is one of the worlds largest universities in terms of number of students. The university complex located in Kirtipur (5 minutes drive SW from Kathmandu) and constituent campuses and affiliated campuses located across the country accommodate almost 95 percent of university aspirants of Nepal.

Lalitkala Campus (Campus of Fine Art), a public campus under Tribhuvan University,  published an advert today in Kantipur Daily. The advert was about call for new applications from prospective students for 4 years Bachelors Degree in Fine Art for following specialisations:

  1. artwork/portraiture
  2. graphic communication
  3. sculpture
  4. singing
  5. tabala
  6. sitar
I have written this piece of blog because an idea came in my mind that Fine Art plays important role in transformation of society. Many potentials are there in Nepal and the world who have capacity to do something innovative for the society through fine art. I know a friend of mine who was studying B.Sc in Environment Sciences and Fine Art in parallel; and of course he is multi-talented.

Lalitkala Campus
Campus of Fine Art
 Bhotahity, Kathmandu
The campus is located in Bhotahity (2 minutes walk NW from Ratnapark, now called Sankhadhar Park) at the heart of city. The campus building looks that it is fragile. Yet it is strong. The number of students play an important role in infrastructure development of the campuses/universities. However, the faculty team are well experienced and dedicated people who have capacity to lead the aspirants to achieve the capacity to do something innovative in fine art sector that is handy in positive change in the world society.

If you are interested in getting admitted in any of the specialisation degrees of BA in Fine Art, please go to the door of campus administration. I did not see any phone numbers, email addresses, and websites of the campus. (UPDATE May 2015: They have now website:

International students can also join the degrees. All they have to do is, visit Kathmandu personally. Nationals from many countries are issued tourist visa at the immigration desk in Kathmandu Airport and major border points. However, it is illegal to stay in Nepal without visa except for Indian nationals. The campus administration assists them in getting admitted. Eligibility of your certificates can be verified by Department of International Affairs located in Tribhuvan University Complex, Kirtipur.

General Eligibility Criteria:
1) 12 years of schooling 
2) Aptitude on related art

Have a successful study and career ahead !

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