rootAbility: Advancing student-driven and staff-supported change towards sustainability (exchange)

First Broadcast Date 5 February 2014 12:00 - 13:00
Find out how to guarantee high-impact, quality student- driven and staff-supported sustainability projects within education, research, operations and community engagement. How could you implement this in your institution?

This webinar aims to share experiences from three student-driven and staff-supported sustainability units in the Netherlands - Maastricht University Green Office - and the United Kingdom - Greenwich Sustainability Hub at the University of Greenwich and the Students' Green Unit at the University of Exeter, both projects funded through the NUS Students' Green Fund.  The specific characteristic of such a unit is that it is led by a team of 4-8 part or full-time students or recent graduates who implement sustainability projects in education, research, operations, and community together with student volunteers, staff and faculty. At least one staff member is part of the team to take over coordinating, or administrative tasks and execute joint projects with the students.  The unit is integrated into the university’s or college’s organisational structure, reports to a steering committee and has an official mandate to manage parts of or the whole sustainability strategy of the institution. The students receive training and coaching to guarantee the high-impact and quality of their work.

Maastricht University Green Office: Priyanka Paul Chowdhury 

Greenwich Sustainability Hub: Ana Lopez 

Students’ Green Unit: Caroline 
Dipesh Dulal (दिपेश दुलाल)

This is Dipesh Dulal who simply loves to work with people and be with people. I love inspiring and getting inspired. Do count me if you feel the same, and more if you are into school education.

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