2014 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability (ISCES 2014)

The “2014 International Student Conference on Environment and Sustainability (ISCES 2014)” will be launched on the World Environment Day (June 5) this year. As the second student conference after the “Rio+20 Conference” and in response to the proposal to build a beautiful China by the Chinese government, the topic of ISCES 2014 will be “Ecological Civilization and Green Development.”The number of participants will be around 400. They will be divided into the following four groups: 1) Education for Sustainable Development (ESD); 2) Food and Health; 3) Ecosystem and Climate Change; and 4) Green Development.

ISCES 2014 highly encourages participants to demonstrate the concepts and practices of sustainable development in the forms of posters and videos. There will be a best poster competition. The awards will be: 1) Three third awards, 1000RMB for each; 2) Two second awards, 2000RMB for each; and 3) One first award, 3000 RMB. Also, we will provide award for outstanding video works. The video awards are for three applicants, 2000 RMB for each winner.

FEATURES: Targeted to Full Time University Students, No Fees, Scholarships Available for Airfare for competent participants

Call for Universities: http://www.uv.mx/cosustenta/files/2014/04/2014ISCES.pdf
SOURCE: http://unep-iesd.tongji.edu.cn/index.php?classid=958
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