Coordination, Innovation, Celebration: anything missing?

Not sure, 'what' to name this ! As I am not hereby putting any personal opinion forward. This seeks opinions from 'you' and I love to be one of the fellow around you; hence my opinion will also be threaded. This is not an article :P

Of course the context is, our network and team building. We had previously assigned three mantras as slogan of NTNSE - coordination, innovation, celebration. I ask, if anything adds to these.

How to do this? :::: Please comment below by using facebook account ! Be sure to check this page as the further comments won't show any 'notification' on your FB wall.
Dipesh Dulal (दिपेश दुलाल)

This is Dipesh Dulal who simply loves to work with people and be with people. I love inspiring and getting inspired. Do count me if you feel the same, and more if you are into school education.

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