At times when I feel lonely

Close my eyes and think of something lovely

I don’t know who I am missing

I wonder what I am wishing.

I ask myself why I cannot have fun

Someone says there are many things that I need to learn

Why I should not worry about tomorrow

My friends say there is no end to sorrow.

I try to keep myself truthful and bold

And stick to only what is right,

I don’t know any goals that make my future bright

Why I feel my dignity is gonna be sold.

Why I am not in touch with those friends, who care about me,

But I waste time just looking at a tree

I am a good person in my heart

Who would always shine?

The one who agrees that union and separation are our life’s part

Who would always shine?

The one who is always doing fine!
Amar Bahadur Sherma (ELT)

Mr Sherma is HOD of English at Euro School, Online English Teacher and Content Writer at MiDas Education, English Textbook Writer at KEDC and Editor-in-Chief of Writers' Diary.

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