English Grammar Practice

Fill in the blanks with the most appropriate word.

1. Simla sent me ____ sms last week. (a/an/the)
2. Arjun has gone to ___ UAE. (a/an/the)
3. ___ boys are singing a song. (Most/Most of/The most)
4. _____ rice is rotten in the sack. (A/Two/Some)
5. ________ girls are beautiful. (That/Those/The)
6. ______ things should be taken seriously. (This/Such/That)
7. _________ books were checked within a short period of time. (Little/Several/Much)
8. _____ of the cake is mixed with cream. (Most/The Most/Must)
9. __________ pens are expensive. (Few/Little/Much)
10. _____ one of these chairs is broken. (Few/Each/All)
11. ______ hard work has to be done to get through this test. (Few/Many/A little)
12. Copper is ____ useful metal. (a/an/the)
13. Anju has returned from_____ America. (x/an/the)
14. I saw ____ ewe lying dead beside the road. (a/an/the)
15. ____Mt. Everest is in Nepal. (A/X/The)
16. Dr Gurung won ____ Madan Prize. (a/the/x)
17. There is_____ news for you. (a/an/x)
18. ___ tiger is a carnivorous animal that lives the jungle. (A/The/X)
19. ____ book I bought yesterday is very interesting to read. (A/The/X)
20. He ____ tea every morning. (drink/drinks/drank)
21. Honey____ sweet. (is/was/am)
22. He and I_____ going to market for shopping. (am/are/is)
23. My uncle ___________ tomorrow. (arrives/is arriving/was arriving)
24. Sheila _____ her case, look. (has packed/packed/had packed)
25. It _________________ since morning. (is raining/has been raining/rained)
26. She________________ unconscious since four o’clock. (has been/is/was)
27. Shital ______________the race in 2015. (has won/won/had won)
28. When I reached the counter, the counter _____________ closed. (had been/was/has)
29. By next March we _________________ here for four years. (shall be living/shall have been living/shall have lived)
30. He will____________ before you go to see him. (be leaving/will leave/will have left)
31. I will ______________ here till Sunday. (stay/be staying/will have been staying)
32. Ram thinks that he _____________ meet me tomorrow. (is going to/will/will have)
33. When the bell rang, Reena ___________ some revision work. (is doing/will be doing/was doing)
34. Mom said angrily, “You __________ TV!” (always watch/always are watching/often watch)
35. _______ (Can/Could) you pass me the salt? (polite request)
36. I ________ (can/could) sing a song. (ability)
37. ______ (Might/May) success attend you! (wish)
38. He _________ (may/might/could) be drawing a picture. (weakest possibility)
39. ______ (May/Can) I phone you tonight, Sir? (formal situation)
40. You ________ (should/have to) obey your parents. (moral duty)
41. Riya _______(mustn’t/doesn’t have to) wear school uniform on Saturdays.(voluntary)
42. Dinesh ___________ (must/has to) return the book within one week of issuance. (library rule)
43. I ________ (must/have to) carry necessary things even if the organizer has promised. (insistence)
44. We _____ (must/ought to) help the needy. (moral obligation)
45. Ram failed Literature paper, he ____________ (should study/should have studied) hard.
46. I _____________________ (didn’t need to buy it/I needn’t have bought it). Anyway, my money is saved.
47. I went to the jungle and met a tiger. Luckily, I _____ (can/could) climb the tree and save my life.)
48. Arjun _________ (could/was able to) save his life in the war.
49. Diya _______ (can/is able to) apply for this job now.
50. Sumitra will go to Bangladesh _____ January 17, 2017. (in/on/at)
51. Arun goes to bed ____ 10 pm. (in/on/at)
52. If you boil water, it________ (steams/will steam/can steam).
53. He got his books ________. (to cover/covered/cover)
54. Amrit got his sister ______ (clean/cleaned/to clean) his bedroom.
55. Aarya made her servant _________ (wash/to wash/washed) clothes.
56. Anju had her mother ______ (to teach/teach/taught) her maths.
57. Let’s play volleyball, _________? (will you/shall we/should we)
58. Let us sing a song,_______? (will you, shall we/do you)


1. an 2. the 3. Most 4. Some 5. Those 6. Such 7. Several 8. Most 9. Few 10. Each 11. A little 12. a 13. x 14. a 15. x 16. the 17. x 18. A/The 19. The 20. drinks 21. is 22. are 23. is arriving 24. has packed 25. has been raining 26. has been 27. won 28. had been 29. shall have been living 30. have left 31. be staying 32. will 33. was doing 34. always are watching 35. Could 36. can 37. May 38. Could 39. May 40. should 41. doesn’t have to 42. has to 43. must 44. ought to 45. should have 46. didn’t need to buy it 47. could 48. was able to 49. can 50. on 51. at 52. steams 53. covered 54. to clean 55. wash 56. teach 57. shall we 58. will you

Amar Bahadur Sherma (ELT)

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