There is a Story behind Every Dream!

Whenever the word ‘Dream’ or any of its synonyms strikes to my mind, it refreshes all those memory from my past where I used to enjoy the most believing myself as the king of my achievements. Although it was my imaginary world but I used to believe it more than one believes their breath.

In fact I can bet if anyone will show me someone in this world that hasn’t ever made the ‘Dream’ as their only World.
But now when I am inside our so called SOCIETY, I am in a great confusion about its existence as it is observed as a scenario of war where one group i.e. Dream seeker is struggling to turn their dream into reality and another group i.e. Parents/guardians are obstructing those dream seeker by forcing their own artificial wish upon them.

British writer and social critic, Charles Dickens had once said, “A dream, all a dream, that ends in nothing, and leaves the sleeper where he lay down, but I wish you to know that you inspired it.” Myself being no any exception, I too used to live a dream during my childhood and now attempting to turn that dream into reality i.e. to start a school where talent would be the benchers. In fact I have already named it “School of Talent.”

Since school days I have repeatedly been observing a scenario at my hometown where the children were forced to sacrifice their dream because of the high expectation of their parents to see their kids as doctor, engineer, architect, CA etc. in future. As the result of which, the much those kids were growing up, their born talents were decreasing its sharpness.

I still remember a boy named “Anuj Sah (Name Changed)” from my neighbour who was growing with only aim to become a 'Multi-talented' person because he was God gifted excellent at Dancing, writing, singing. He used to work hard in study too so that his parents won't obstruct him to follow his passion. But once I had observed him working as a staff at a cosmetic shop.
All that had got wasted not only because of his parent's high expectation and ignorance of his passion but also lack of infrastructure in small cities education system to provide training related to their gifted talent.

If talking about Nepal’s storm metropolitan city then it's ok but situation is so haphazard with the small cities of Nation. Small town's school do have a system to provide extra-activities classes but it is treated just like extra stuff as those classes gets administered by those teachers who is no doubt very good at study but un-skilled in that extra-activities. In this way those hidden talents in those school children gets limited within that class only.

So, my dream is to start an organization or say a team which will administer that extra-activities classes of those small town's schools with specialized teacher who will understand the importance of those passions, the much those kids do.

My dream is different in sense as it won't only provide appropriate training but also gift them an open platform to showcase their talent. That organization will work only for the exposure of their talent. Children are future of nation and needs proper guidance at their initial stage. Our organization as well as each team members will be dedicated to protect those talents and globalize it so that if a child wants to be a writer then he/she won't be forced to become a CA.

This dream will structure my soul by giving me a satisfied statement that "Yes I did something for the person like me”.

By Suresh Kumar Mukhiya


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  1. Wonderful thoughts Suresh ! I think that this would be of interest to you -

    1. Thank you so much Sir. Thank you for sharing it with me.

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