2019 Asia-Pacific Youth ICH Storytelling Contest

  • - UNESCO prioritized youth as the main driver of innovation and change for sustainable development and emphasized youth participation. Especially, since intangible cultural heritage relies on community transmission , the role and participation of young people leading future generations is very important.
  • - As UNESCO Category 2 Centre for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage, ICHCAP( International Information and Networking Centre for Intangible Cultural Heritage in the Asia-Pacific Region under the auspices of UNESCO) plans to provide young practitioners with an opportunity to develop their own safeguarding activities and raise awareness of intangible heritage among young people in general.
  • - (TIP) ICHCAP organized the 2016 ICH Multimedia Contest for the general public to promote visibility and raise awareness of ICH. In 2016 and 2017, ICHCAP operated a youth ICH video documentation project, called the Youth Meets ICH, for youth teams selected from contests and expert recommendations. 
  What is youth ICH storytelling?
  • A story on how future generations are transmitting specific ICH elements in the Asia-Pacific region
  • A story that conveys the importance of safeguarding and sustaining Asia-Pacific ICH and its transmission by future generations
  • A story on practicing, safeguarding, and transmitting ICH with community-based youth participation in the Asia-Pacific region
  • ※ ‘ICH elements’, ‘ICH safeguarding’ and ‘ICH communities’:See here.
Entry qualifications
Youth in the Asia-Pacific region (Born 1983-2001)
  • Young practitioners
    • Theme: My Dream, My ICH
    • Contents: Storytelling on themselves as a ICH young practitioner
    • Format: Photo essay or video content
  • General youth
    • Theme: Youth Meets ICH
    • Contents: Storytelling on ICH in their daily lives or met in traveling
    • Format: Photo essay or video content
Submission specification
  • Photo essay
    • Photo: about ten to fifteen high-resolution photos (3624×2448 or larger, JPG/PNG)
    • Essay: between 900 and 1,500 words
    • Language: English (The entrant’s native language may be used only when necessary. Must include English descriptions.)
  • Video content
    • Video: a video work with a length of three to five minutes (1280x720(HD) or larger) and 30-second highlights (WMV, MP4, AVI, MOV)
    • Photo: five to ten still images (3624×2448 or larger, JPG/PNG)
    • Language: English or the entrant’s native language (English subtitles must be provided if the entrant’s native language is used.)
Judging criteria
(Out of a total of 100)
Relevance to theme Contribution to awareness Aesthetic value
40 30 30
  ※ Entries will be screened in the first round and judged by a judging panel in the second round.
  • Relevance to theme
    • (For young practitioners) The extent that the work can convey the life and dreams of youth practitioners of Asia-Pacific ICH in the spirit of the
    • 2003 Convention
    • (For general youth) The extent that the work conveys a story of a specific Asia-Pacific ICH element in the spirit of the 2003 Convention
  • Contribution to awareness
    • Level of contribution to enhancing public awareness of the importance of ICH in the Asia-Pacific region as well as the communities and youth safeguarding activities thereof
  • Aesthetics
    • Level of aesthetic completeness and composition completeness of works
Contest schedule
  • Submission of entries : 15 July to 15 October 2019
  • Submission method : Online registration on the contest website
  • Announcement of prize-winners : November 2019. Notification will be posted on the ICHCAP website; prize winners will also be individually contacted.
  • Prize-giving : December 2019 to January 2020
  • Online exhibition : Permanent exhibition from December 2019
Submission method: online registration
  • Digital file should be attached when submitting the application form
  • Online application process : Access website E-mail Registration Contest submission Submission confirmation
  • Note
    • Only entries submitted before 15 October (Thu) 24:00 (Korean Time) will be valid.
    • Attached digital files shall not be greater than 2GB.
    • If a digital file exceeds 2GB, include a link (URL) to an open account (Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox, etc.). (A confirmation e-mail will be sent within forty-eight hours, excluding weekends.)
    • For winners only, subtitles script and clean version file(.MOV) must be submitted for future translation of subtitles, even if the video content was submitted in a different format. (Individually guided)
Type Winners per category Prizes
Grand Prize 1 USD 1,000 or equivalent
Excellence Prize 1 USD 700 or equivalent
Distinction Prize 2 USD 500 or equivalent
Special Prize 4 USD 200 or equivalent
Participation Prize 10 Gifts
  • - The applicants hold the copyrights to the entries
  • - ICHCAP reserves the right to use and distribute the prize-winning entries for non-profit purposes in raising the visibility of ICH. The submission of the entry is based on the consent of the applicant to this.
  • - Entries that are imitations, composites, or modifications of other work or prize-winning entries of other contests are not valid for judging. If this is discovered after a prize has been awarded in this contest, the award will be cancelled and prizes awarded will be confiscated.
  • - Applicants must take all due caution to avoid infringing upon third-party copyrights, and all responsibility shall lie with the applicant in the case of disputes.
  • - There is no limit on the number of entries for each category. (Multiple entries available)
  • - For video contents winners only, a subtitle script and uncompressed file (MOV) must be submitted for future translation of subtitles, even if the video content was submitted in a different format. (individually guided)
  • - Prizes may be adjusted according to the entries submitted. Prize-winners may be subject to taxes in relation to their receiving of the prize.

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