“Climate Change Science, Communication, and Action”
Cornell University online course
5 weeks (Sept 3 – Oct 15, 2019)
Register: https://civicecology.org/Course-CC
This course covers the basics of climate change, from science to action. We delve into the subtleties of climate change communication and explore climate action from the standpoint of policy and through the lens of growing climate social movements. Using Drawdown’s comprehensive list of climate change solutions, we help you focus on a climate action that you can achieve during the course, and then provide a framework to help you plan post-course climate engagement. Cost: $60.

“Introduction to Environmental Education”
Cornell University online course
5 weeks (Sept 3 – Oct 8, 2019)
Register now: https://civicecology.org/course-iee
Intro to Environmental Education is the perfect course for anyone interested in starting a career in Environmental Education or improving their skillset. Participants will examine different education approaches and produce activity plans appropriate for your current or future educational programs. As usual, we expect to have hundreds of participants from dozens of countries, which provides a great opportunity for networking and social learning. Cost: $60.