Practical examples and web resources for taking kids back to nature

David Sobel has been the source of my inspiration when it comes to urging the generation to connect the wonderful kids with the wonderful nature. You may also try to explore through his thoughts and ideas. I am hereby sharing a wonderful web resource and some practical examples for taking kids to the nature. David Sobel remarked that we must first enable kids to like nature, before we ask to love nature.

1. School in locality than the distant school: If there is a school in your locality with equally competent team players, then why not keep your ward here than go for some distant school. Local schools save time and have more opportunities to enable your kid to like and love nature.

2. Place-based school projects: I have thought of enabling the local kids to conducting an action research on changing landscapes and rural trails as per the changes of socio-economic and geographic conditions of my place. This helps kids to learn by collaboration, data collection and critical reflection. They can also make use of maps (also digital ones). While researching on historical rural trails, they can utilise same trip for biodiversity mapping and/or sampling (biology), water/soil testing (chemistry).

3. Some art/work are wonderfully designed and illustrated by an enthusiastic mother/teacher who calls herself 'Penny'. She believes that kids' work/play in nature makes them more healthy, skillful, confident and affectionate. She has illustrated her work through website  and associated social media accounts. If you are interested in learning from her, please follow through this website.

NOTE: You can also have a look at the article written by Dr. Bernard Bull.
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