How to see SEE result (including school ledger) of SEE 2076

NEB has published the SEE 2076 result ! Though it is available in many of the platforms, we recommend students and teachers to follow the website of Nepal Telecom. It has facility of displaying result, detailed result and school-wise result database (ledger)

You might want to view the result including the grades obtained for each of the subject.

Its now a hassle free job.

1. Go to website

2. Enter the symbol number of student (Do it correctly ! Do not miss the alphabet !)
3. Press 'Submit'.
4. You can see your SEE 2076 result !

1. Go to

2. Enter School Code
3. Enter any one symbol number of your student
4. Enter Date of Birth of that particular student
Remember ! The date format is : YYYY-MM-DD

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