Why not talk about physics ?

- Vijay Aavaas Bhandari 
Senior HPE Teacher

I guess we have had enough talking about our system, our politics, or our constitution. We have talked about Panchayat, we have talked about democracy, we have talked about monarchy, we have talked about republic Nepal and we have talked about federal republic Nepal. We have talked about corruption, we have talked about narrow-minded politicians, ironclad primitive and conservative concepts and so on. If it is all enough now, then let’s talk about Physics today.

Hope we all have been informed about Physics in our school lives and still you get confused then it's a science, it's a field of study where we learn about the ways how physical phenomena are performed in nature from micro-cosmos to macro-cosmos, from sub-atoms to galaxies, from hydrogen to uranium, from spin of electrons to revolution of galaxies, from higgs-bosons to collapse of universe, from friction to nuclear force, from Vanderwaal's force to electromagnetic force. Okay, in a layman understanding, it's simply the science of study of working of nature.

But I do not find it being discussed, talked or valued enough in our country. It is neither being addressed in national priority nor it falls in the priority of students, for it has always been the last option to choose as their higher education career. No government and even university's dedication in improving the standards of education system that provides knowledge about Physics has been realised.

This is happening because they do not realise the importance or contribution of Physics in the advancement of human society. The discovery of fire and discovery of wheels that completely transformed the human race from its stone age to what we call now the modern era of science and technology has been forgotten. How come these big changes because of Physics be not understood and considered by the human brains; wasn’t that physics?

These were for sure discovered to the process of learning how nature works. Let me put more of these further. Like the means of transportation, vehicles, industries which have so drastically improved the quality of human lives till these days, and the basis of all these advancement, the invention of engines!

Wasn't that Physics? Had not Carnot studied about the different thermodynamic processes going on in nature, engines would not have been invented. No home appliances like refrigerators would have been imagined. Not to talk of machines used in industries, had not he proposed that useful energy could be extracted from a complete cycle of reversible isothermal and adiabatic processes which is the principle of heat engines, they would not have been developed to the realm of these days.

Running of vehicles, flying of helicopters, aeroplanes and almost all the machinery we see till day are the contributions of Physics. Had Archimedes not discovered the law of flotation, we would not have dreamt of helicopters, choppers, cruises and submarines etc. Had Bernoulli not studied about the origin of great force due to difference in pressures caused by differences in velocities between the layers of fluid that would even be able to lift aeroplanes, we would not be flying in the sky!

Had not Newton studied about the laws of action and reaction, rockets would not have been launched. Men would not have reached the space, the Moon and even to landed ships on Mars. We would not have been talking about cosmos, extraterrestrials today. Had not Galileo invented telescopes we would have still stuck to the faux that the Earth is flat. If Faraday had not studied about the electricity, we can imagine what our world would look like today.

Had not Thomas Alva Edison not contributed with his hundreds of discoveries and inventions and findings, we would not have been this advanced. Weren't these all Physics? Anyone who understands the contribution of Physics can create an epic of all these!

Inventions of telecommunication, humans being able to manipulate different waves like sounds and electromagnetic waves have eventually led to such devices like radars, Ultra-sonography, radios etc and we all know what changes these devices brought in human society. The invention of computers have led our information flow to par excellence today. Weren't these Physics again?

The story goes on.
The greatest revolution in medical sciences like the invention of X-ray machines, Electroencephalography (EEG), Electrocardiography (ECG), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Ultra-sonography (USG), Endoscopy and what not they are attributed as the invention led by the study of underlying physics. The study of Microbiology, Biochemistry from finding the structure of pathogens to unwinding the mysteries of DNA has been based upon the study with the aid of electron-microscope, again the next invention of Physics!

All aspects of engineering from civil to mechanical, and from electrical to electronics are based on applying the theories developed by Physics. There's no Physics that is not underlying in any of these fields of human concern viz. Geography, Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Biochemistry, Nanotechnology, thermodynamics, Biomedical Physics, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Cosmology, Meteorology, Geophysics, Nuclear-Physics, Electronics, Electromagnetic wave Physics, Spectroscopy, Optics, Optometry etc those are making their contributions for the betterment of human lives.

Just look around you; you can see the best examples: calculator, radio, television, electricity, bulbs, refrigerators, micro-ovens, telephones, electronic gadgets, lenses, binoculars, projectors, auto-mobiles, aeroplanes, microscopes, stethoscopes, lasers, holograms, blue-ray discs, radars, bridges to factories to mega-structures to machines and machinery, dozer, cranes, arms and ammunition, atom bombs, almost everything!

We can just keep on talking about Physics. How much do you need? So, why not talk about Physics as Physics has given us more than we had ever imagined?

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