Compulsory English - Grade 10 Textbook for FREE !

Private publications have not yet been commissioned to publish the textbooks of compulsory Nepali and compulsory English. These textbooks have been solely published by the institution commissioned by the curriculum development centre and/or government. Private publications might publish some reference books on language and writing, but not the textbook on these languages. Hence, we have kept the link that contains authentically placed PDF file of grade 10 compulsory English textbook that can be downloaded.

This is aimed for helping the teachers and students begin and continue their teaching-learning journey despite the hardships complicated by the current COVID19 pandemic. 

You might be interested to read / download the textbooks and/or other resources for grade 10. Please click here to follow the currently available resources.{alertInfo}

Please use the button below to download the PDF file of Compulsory English - Grade 10. We have kept the link of OLE Nepal's E-Pustakalaya for your convenience.

{getButton} $text={Download the CDC Book - Compulsory English (6.51 mb)} $icon={download} $color={ #87ceeb}

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