My English - Grade 1 (One) Textbook and Teacher's Guide


Many teachers have been responding to our efforts in channeling their enthusiasm to the relevant websites of CDC. CEHRD, OLE Nepal's E-Pustakalaya and some generous private publishers who have been keeping the etextbooks / ebooks in their web archives for free.

While CDC, CEHRD and OLE Nepal definitely keep the updated curriculum as PDF files for free, private publisher's efforts are not less. In fact, there are painstakingly working authors, curriculum experts, graphics designers and publishers themselves aligning with the national curriculum, and providing feedback and necessary inputs to the CDC when it asks to do so.

We are hereby sharing the link where you can find textbook and teacher's guide of My English - ELT curriculum for grade 1 of school kids of Nepal.

My English (Textbook)

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My English (Teacher Guide)

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