Grade 6 Nepali Book 2078 BS | Class 6 Nepali New Textbook PDF Download

Please follow the links provided in our website - to get the authentic textbook, teacher's guide (teacher's manual), curriculum of grades 6,7 and 8, and home-practice book for 6th graders as per the recently developed school curriculum of Nepal.

We have been keeping the links of CDC, CEHRD and OLE Nepal's E-Pustakalaya as these are believed to be the authentic sources of textbooks, teacher's manual and curriculum which keep these in their websites as PDF files to be downloaded.

Sometimes their websites could be down, or the navigation of exact link can be confusing. Hence, our attempt to channel your aspiration to their exact location can help the scores of teachers and students - we believe. 

Hence, for this blog's concern - please follow these links to download PDF files of Grade 6 / Class 6 Nepali Textbook, Teacher's Guide (Manual), Curriculum of Grades 6, 7 and 8, and Home Practice Book for 6th graders of Nepal.

Textbook - 25.5 mb

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Teacher Guide - will be updated soon

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You may also want to download these Nepali textbooks-

Basic Education Curriculum of Grade 6-8

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You might be interested to involve with your 6th grader with home-based activity book. Please download the home-activity book by clicking on the link below. 

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