Use LinkedIn for Digital Portfolio (including a Resume in PDF)

Preparing a CV using LinkedIn is hassle-free. Yet it requires careful scaffolding of LinkedIn profile beforehand.
Dipesh Dulal

How many of you have LinkedIn profile? If yes, have you managed it well so that it speaks truly and succinctly about you? Not only in short, it can speak about you in detail while opening your doors in online professional networking along with what you do in physical-world's professional life.

Saying so, I am not here to apparently claim that having a social networking online profile is almost mandatory for professional growth. When we talk about LinkedIn, I have met several people in walks of academic and professional life, who just say that it is awesome to showcase oneself- academically and professionally by getting along with LinkedIn profile and networking online by using it.

How can I handle too many internet profiles?

Before we move further into the topic, I would like to call my readers to 'be clear' that managing too many online social networking profiles could be counter-productive. To some, only a Facebook profile might keep a person hooked up to the screen(s) even throughout the working hours. On the other hand, being really balanced, some other people have well functioning profiles in multiple sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube and others. On top of this they have been keeping themselves equally productive, collaborative, and open to learning while taking part in the newer forms of internet wonders.

So, I suggest that it needs a plan on how to make use of internet wonders (in this case- LinkedIn). The plan holds key in professional life and academic life. If you are making a LinkedIn profile in the professional life, you can (actually, you must) still keep information from college life or little back to high school life.

You could have taken part in significant social activities, sports, or something remarkable that you might think can appear impressive to make you stand out when compared with other candidates in a competitive environment. One may feel that this can be just another addictive social networking website. I can hereby say that 'LinkedIn' developers have been constantly keeping themselves aware of such problem(s).

I think that you can learn more by experiencing LinkedIn by yourself than my description of selective ways of using LinkedIn. I had also developed a pretty awesome resume/CV for myself at the web-portal called LinkedInlabs. Now, I can make the Resume directly from my profile page in LinkedIn. Some of you might already know how to prepare a resume/CV in PDF format by using LinkedIn.

Bonus Tip

I would naturally not keep inaccurate, and incomplete information in my main LinkedIn profile.

Dipesh Dulal
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