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Best Professional Blogger Templates for Teachers

Prospective teacher bloggers on Blogger platform can explore the list of best Blogger themes that I recommend based on my personal evaluation.

Developers from around the world have been working their best to make theese Blogger templates SEO-friendly, device responsive, fast loading, visually appealing and rich with various features and components.

During my blogging journey, I have discovered great Blogger themes that suited my purpose. In this article, I am going to recommend them.

Best Teacher Blogger Themes (Blogspot Templates) in 2024

While many contemporary Blogger developers have been retiring, equal numbers (or even more) of modern developers are coming to the limelight with more enthusiasm to keep the free Blogger/Blogspot alive and vibrant. While it is upto Google (or Alphabet) to update the foundational system; developers have been working their best to make best use of the framework allocated for Blogger.

Best Blogger Themes

In this article, I have listed the premium Blogger themes (requiring purchase of theme files- mostly the XML file). I recommend you to invest (mostly one-time investment for a theme) in a premium Blogger theme because of several advantages. See the comparison between the free Blogger template and premium one below.

Premium Blogger Templates
  • frequently updated
  • more customization opportunities
  • individual support (or existing support community)
  • feature-rich
  • professional appeal (with custom header and footer)
Free Blogger Templates
  • no (or less) updates
  • less customization opportunities
  • no personal support
  • less features
  • compromise on professional appeal

I have mostly listed Blogger themes/templates which are recently developed/updated because I believe that old Blogger templates may not serve many of the expectations of the contemporary bloggers (SEO friendliness, visual appeal, and features, among many). Dedicated and talented professionals have been emerging on the field of Blogger theme development. I feature the ones who do not do template-spamming.

Disclaimer: I have provided the purchase link(s) with applicable Discount Codes for the premium Blogger templates featured here. If you buy through the provided links (Gumroad and Envato Market as purchasing platforms), I may earn little affiliate commission and you do not need to pay any extra.

1. Starter Blogger Template

Starter Blogger template is the most inexpensive simple Blogger template which is equally SEO-friendly as others developed by the developers.

Price: US$ 5 (Use discount code 'EXTENDED')

Buy Now

2. Materia X2 Blogger Template

Developed by El Creative Academy (Indonesia), Materia X2 Blogger theme is one of the regularly updated Blogger theme which has a vibrant suport community. This Blogger template is feature-rich, SEO-friendly, and device responsive.

Buy Now

3. Prime Blogger Theme

This Blogger theme is one of the most elegant and lightweight Blogger template ever developed. With multitude of unique features (author page and other in-built custom pages), this Blogger theme released in late 2023 has the potential of encouranging more individuals start (and keep on) blogging on the Blogger platform.

This theme comes with either personal license (for one domain) or commercial license (for two domains). You get discounted rate for the commercial license.

Buy Now

4. SeoFlex Blogger Template.

SeoFlex is one of the most fast-loading magazine styled Blogger template. Because of the scripts optimized for search engines and user experience, it is also one of the most SEO-friendly Blogger template.

Buy Now

5. La-Beauty Blogger Theme.

La-Beauty Blogger Theme is one of the best Blogger/blogspot theme especially in the 'beauty' niche. As I trust the developers, it is friendly with social media, search engines and multiple devices.

Buy Now

6. NewsSpot Blogger Theme.

NewsSpot Blogger Theme has got the view and appeal similar to that of the WordPress themes like Jannah and Newspaper. With updated scripts, the theme is equally SEO-friendly, fast-loading and fitting to multitude of devices used to consume the blog content.

Buy Now

7. Amazen Blogger/Blogspot Template.

Should you be an affiliate marketer and wish to have a brilliant website for marketing the products, Amazen Blogger template comes to your help. It has got many wonderful features- visual appeal (adding to the professional outlook) being one of them. The payment mechanism and other things need to be investigated according to your need. Otherwise, this Blogger theme has been emerging as the best Blogger theme for affiliate marketing.

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8. Buzzspot Blogger/Blogspot Template.

Although Buzzspot Blogger template has been designedfor celebrity gossip websites, this can be equally used in educational websites. The size of featured image fits perfectly to educational blogs. You may customize this theme a bit before you go live with your educational blog.

Buy Now

You can also check recommended free education Blogger templates. We have curated the best free Blogger templates in that article.

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