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Word Search Grid: Spending Quality (and Quantity) Time with Kids

Earlier this week, one of my kids found a word search grid on the back pages of a notebook. We then decided to play a game together.

In fact, it was not a competitive game. Rather, we used a cooperative approach.

All we had to do is find a word (at a time) by looking at the grid. We were not allowed to cover the page with finger or anything.

To be honest, it turned out to be quite competitive because one would be super pompous if s/he finds the given word at the earliest (sooner than others)!

word search grid parenting

In essence, I as a parent found a good opportunity to spend a quality time with my kids. The embodied experience of being together and doing something meaningful prepares the kids to live the life with purpose and make them appreciate/value togetherness.

In the families where parents have been struggling to get enough time to spend with the kids, they have the narrative of 'quality time'. If the parents also focus on 'quantity time' and plan (and implement) the 'quality activities' with the kids, it would positively help in the growth of the children.

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