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Group Activity for Teaching Collaboration Skills

This activity is designed to teach collaboration skills to youth aged 12 and older. This activity is an adapted form of IMYC entry-point activity for the theme 'collaboration' (see reference below).


  • peer learning
  • reinforcement of metacognitive skills
  • linking the theory with practice
  • make learners active and engaged
  • elevation of the confidence of learners
  • mutual respect and tolerance
  • collaboration
  • respect to diversity
  • enhancing locus of control
collaboration skills activity for youth


The learners make a large human circle in the activity room. If there are 25 learners, each learner chants a number serially, starting from 1. In this case, eight groups will be formed. Hence, once the third student chants 3, the next starts with 1.

In such a way, eight groups are formed. One group will have 4 members while the rest will have 3 members each. Each group will decide on an appealing 'team name' and make a placard mentioning their own group's name.

Each group goes on a 'scavenger hunt' to find the task cards hidden somewhere around the premises of the activity. The groups will report the task they find to the facilitator. Additionally, they can seek guidance should they have any confusion regarding the task.

Task 1

Use a camera and pose for a group selfie and "look inquisitive and interactive in the garden".

Task 2

Use a camera and pose for a group selfie and "look actively working together in a group project".

Task 3

Rearrange these letters to make a sensible sentence.

e e w c r a

HINT: Yes, a sentence!

Task 4

Collect one word from each member of your group that would mean "working together". Examples are also permitted.

HINT: You are expected to correct each other when you feel like the input does not meet the expectation of the task. If there is an objection, just include the input from that team member.

Task 5

Arrange these cards to make a sensible presentation:

because we am Ubuntu: I are

Task 6

Discuss together and separate "desirable habits" and "undesirable habits".

  • Take a free ride while others work hard in a group project.
  • Learn from one another.
  • Divide the tasks.
  • Put effort into the task.
  • Work in the 11th hour.

Task 7

Prepare a mind map on the word "peers".

Task 8

Rearrange these letters to make a sensible word.

o r g e t t h e

After the groups perform the eight tasks, they creatively present their tasks and outcomes. Finally, all the participants again sit together (in a human circle) for a moderated discussion. The facilitator moderates a discussion session, focusing on the key issues of 'collaboration'. The ideas range from the expectations and realities of group situations to the philosophical underpinning of group ethos.

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