A natural way to life

It is a first article i am trying to write on a natural way of life. I want to express some of my raw experiences and share it with you all. I also want to begin it with my experiences and understanding. It”s been some years i have been learning some philosophical contents related to  Laotsu, Zen Buddhism  bhagvat gita and yin yang harmony. I have also been learning the deep theories and practical application of Chinese martial arts. I have been learning the deep perspective of behavior that a human must have which is hard to apply in our daily life. I have been sharing my knowledge regarding mindfulness, meditation, stress reduction and self defensing techniques and some more aswell. The most important aspect of our life is a connection of our physical body with the mother nature and the mental state to cosmology. I have come to understand the importance of positive karma. The discipline in the life and the ideas of driving the state of mental and physical health to the same parallel level. We are deeply connected with nature,One thing i know is i have not found any evidence of god personally but the god for me is the mother nature. We must lead our life being friendly to nature and almost like similarly the way of nature. For eg; We must be flexible like a grass so that we could resist storms, our determination and promise must be like mountain, Our thoughts must be silent like a lake, Our activities and nature must be like a plants and water which gives life to all living creature, Our willingness must be like a iron which is free from any fear, We must respect the nature and make this world a better place to live.


  1. our students should be made close to nature and peace. Where are we on these aspects of peace education?

  2. Yes exactly they must be taught to learn from the nature, every aspect of environment and teachers itself. They must be taught to learn rather than to score and compete, because competition is leading to fear, ego , envy, zealousness which are seriously not good for them

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