NepaleseTeacher.Org is a one-stop site for resources for teachers’ professional development, school development, educational resources, and articles from edubloggers.

Together we are part of the blog website for Nepalese teachers, teacher trainees, and stakeholders. We share ideas, views, opportunities, experiences, and expertise for making this world a better place to live through the efforts of teachers in Nepal. From 2009 to 2014, we attempted to bring together teachers for meaningful training, seminars, workshops, hiking events, conferences, climate projects, school environmental projects, biodiversity outreaches, and so on. Attempts were made to organize the events, programs, and projects under a formal institution/organization. We felt that we have professional- and personal obligations and preferences. Hence, the original member’s trio gave up considering the revival of the organized efforts. We decided to hand over the website back to the domain registrant. However, we are positive about the future of Nepal’s teacher development and the Sustainable Development Goals agenda of the world.