Anyflip.com: Can we download Anyflip books in PDF?

Anyflip.com has been gaining popularity since the COVID-19 pandemic has hit hard. This could be because of proportion of indoor time spent by the people who also wish to read something. Moreover, people have been finding Anyflip.com quite resourceful.

The impressive PDF to HTML5 platform provided by anyflip.com has been useful to people all around the globe. While Anyflip.com’s owners do not intend to fill up their web spaces with illegitimately uploaded PDF books, the accelerating use of the platform has already begun to show the signs. I was personally contacted by an author who had been struggling economically because the author’s published book which was the significant source of income to the family was found in Anyflip.com.

While the uploaders, readers and downloaders have been doing their parts, the authors who depend on the income by selling their written products and their publishers have been losing their incomes – quite dramatically.

The illegitimate uploads, little attention to the consequences, and frantic ways of sharing, downloading and reading these resources have been literally killing the authorships and livelihoods supported by these intellectual wonders around the world.

When I was in the university, I also used to look for ways to get the textbooks in PDF, just not to spend money while the books are available for free. By now, we know many ways of getting textbooks if they are available in the WWW. Anyflip.com has been getting that share of popularity even if the company does not intend to do so.

To check such uploads, Anyflip.com should employ manual IT related workers who constantly keep eye on these aspects. Advantage should be the knowledge of bibliographic – worlds.

We should not forget that Anyflip.com has been providing opportunity for novice writers to show their products in wider arena. Uploaders should also be accountable for their deed of uploading the copyrighted material in the internet.

Can we download Anyflip books in PDF?

To help you understand in simple terms, I would rather share my takeaways.

If the textbook is meant to be sold in the market, it is against the ethics to download from the illegitimate sources. However, Anyflip.com has also been used by some writers and publishers who have been actively sharing their products to be readable as flipbooks and sometimes even downloadable as PDF. Even if you think that you can download the materials actively shared by the authors themselves, how can you know that the poster is the original author? On the other hand, you might not be aware if the publishers have authorised / recognised that the author can freely distribute the material online to download / read for free.

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