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Authors / Publications need to get approval of educational materials (including books)

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Curriculum Development Centre (CDC) of Nepal has recently introduced a mechanism to bring all the privately produced textbooks and educational materials go through content check and analysis to assess if those fit to the standard curriculum of Nepalese school system (grade 1 to grade 12).
From now onward, each material from each author / publication has to pay fees and submit three copies in standard form for approval (then to be produced in mass scale and used in the schools). It is still not clear how the CDC brings manpower to access the materials against the standard national school curriculum. The language used in the materials must be only Nepali / Mother Tongue for respective language curriculum, local curriculum and social studies as a subject.

The author must present the contract with the publisher. The detailed CV and relevant educational documents must also be presented. The required academic qualification of the author for basic school (grades 1 to 8) is minimum a bachelors degree plus training in educational pedagogy. Similarly, the required academic qualification of the author for secondary school (grades 9 to 12) is minimum a masters degree plus training in educational pedagogy. The author must also have minimum 5 years experience on teaching, training, research work and writing.
Detailed notice from CDC has been embedded here as well.
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