Certificate of Appreciation (for virtually a year of sleepless nights)

This blog post requires a background of my previous blog post regarding my experiences of taking extra responsibility as an International School Award [ISA] (expecting a full-award for the school during a ceremony on 9th June 2014) coordinator at my workplace (school).

It was almost completely new for our school teachers and also to me. As I had been doing some random projects at schools since 2009, I could take the responsibility and I had done. Even I had to plan and replan the cross-curricular projects staying awake till late midnight (2:00 am – a record) with schools from abroad facing many constraints.

My expectation was usual because, British Council School Ambassadors (BCSAs) had been praising our school’s projects at some informal and formal occasions. But, certainly we had lacked some criteria because of :
difficulty in wider school (with 1100+ kids and 100+ teachers), requirement for me to do regular duty with additional role of ISA coordinator, ISA as completely new and difficult-to-understand thing for colleagues.

Nevertheless on 9th June 2014, British Council did not make us disappointed by awarding the school with the ‘foundation ISA’ and providing a certificate of appreciation for me as ISA coordinator of the school for the year 2013-14. 4 school kids and our headmaster present in the award ceremony shared the joy with me. The certificates made me satisfied and I thought that we are always halfway to expected success.

At school, I am lobbying to contend for next ISA 2014-15. The ‘Education for Global Citizenship Workshop‘ delivered by me and a colleague of our network during a holiday has made me more optimistic that we have created more competent teachers in global learning through projects. As my job contract as  ‘ISA coordinator’ at school has already ended, the new in-charge will be supported from my capacity till the date I work at the school. Plus, I am now confident that previous-year (2013-14) has started series of waves which would develop good energy at school, even in my absence.

.. committed , gaining energy and doing from capacities – for serving education for something good ..

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