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Class 10 Accountancy | Grade 10 Office Practice and Accounting PDF and Flipbook

We have found some resources of class 10 accountancy book. Popularly, this subject is called account or accounts as well. Teachers can make best use of it in online teaching.

While the paper versions are the best versions for the optimum learning, such flipbook and PDF versions can offer some learning opportunity when the students can not access the paper book. Please find the details below to access the textbook of grade 10 office practice and accounting for teaching and/or learning.

Please comment below if any of these links are not taking you to the required resource.

Notice to Publishers: We have forwarded the link (provided below) found in the internet. Please contact us if you feel that we have infringed your copyright.

Class 10 Accountancy | Grade 10 Office Practice and Accounting

Office Practice and Accountancy

Grade: 10 (X)
Publisher: Green Books
Year: 2075 BS
Author(s): P. Parajuli
Link(s): Link 1 , Flipbook

For further convenience, we have embedded the Green Book’s Grade 10 Accountancy textbook as a flipbook below. You can use the flipbook in teaching online. We suggest that a free softwareEpic Pen can be best used in online teaching with slides, and other resources like flipbooks.

Please find the download button below to download the free PDF file of Grade 10 Accountancy book / Office Practice and Accounting textook provided by Green Books.

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