The wait is finally over ! CDC has just kept the PDF book of grade 12 English ebook for Nepal in its repository. We have been sharing the authentic links and the alternative links of the downloadable textbooks. Please find the links below to download the pdf of english textbook of grade 12 in Nepal.

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Class 12 English PDF Book | Download Grade XII English Textbook

Class 12 English Book

English – Grade XII

Publisher: CDC
Year: 2021
Links: CDC Link , Alternative Link
Size: 2.3 mb

Section 1: Language Development

1Critical ThinkingKnow Thyself
3SportsEuro 2020
5EducationA Story of My Childhood
6Money and EconomyQR Code
7HumourWhy do We Laugh Inappropriately?
8Human CultureLand of Plenty
9Ecology and EnvironmentLiving in a Redwood Tree
10Career OpportunitiesPresenting Yourself
11HobbiesOn Walking
12Animal WorldThe Medusa and the Snail
13HistoryAfter the World Trade Centre
14Human Rights“I am Sorry”- The Hardest Three Words to Say
15Leisure and EntertainmentA Journey Back in Time
16FantasyThe Romance of a Busy Broker
17War and PeaceTrain to Pakistan
18Music and CreationA Life of Sound and Silence
19Migration and DiasporaDediasporization: Homeland and Hostland
20Power and PoliticsAn Open Letter to Mary Daly

Section 2: Literature (Unit 1- Short Stories)

2.1.2A Respectable Woman
2.1.3A Devoted Son
2.1.4The Treasure in the Forest
2.1.5My Old Home
2.1.6The Half-closed Eyes of the Buddha and the Slowly Sinking Sun
2.1.7A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings

Section 2: Literature (Unit 2- Poems)

2.2.1A Day
2.2.2Every Morning I Wake
2.2.3I Was My Own Route
2.2.4The Awakening Age
2.2.5Soft Storm

Section 2: Literature (Unit 3- Essays)

2.3.1On Libraries
2.3.2Marriage as a Social Institution
2.3.3Knowledge and Wisdom
2.3.5Human Rights and the Age of Inequality

Section 2: Literature (Unit 4- One-act Plays)

2.4.1A Matter of Husbands
2.4.2Facing Death
2.4.3The Bull

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