class 12Grade 12 (XII)model questions

Class 12 Model Questions 2078 Nepal | [2022] Model Questions of Grade XII – NEB Nepal

CDC of Nepal recently issued class 12 model questions2078 for mandatory subjects – Nepali, English, social studies and life skills education, and mathematics.

The PDF document of model questions 2078 also contains the specification grid for each subjects mentioned above.

The PDF document (1.3 mb) is located here. Once you open, the new page, please click ‘download‘ button to download the PDF file of model questions of class 12Nepal.

Class 12 Model Questions 2078 CDC Nepal – Nepali, English, Social Studies and Life Skills Education, Mathematics

Please follow this link to get the PDF file only if you do not find the one from the link provided above.

Alternatively, we have embedded the 2078 Model Questions of Class 12 – CDC Nepal.

Class 12 Textbooks in PDF

Class 12 Model Questions 2078 CDC Nepal – Elective/Optional Subjects

CDC has recently published model questions and specification grid for grade 12. You can find the model questions of physics, accountancy, law and legal system of Nepal, instructional pedagogy and evaluation, psychology, history, biology, education and development, geography, legal drafting, sociology, business studies, chemistry, economics, marketing, civil and criminal law and justice, culture, optional English, mathematics, applied mathematics, business mathematics, library and information science, home science, environmental science, general law, finance, computer science, beautician and hair dressing and linguistics.

You can download here or here.

Alternatively, we have embedded the Grade 12 model questions and specification grid PDF here.

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