Class 6 Health and Physical Education and Creative Arts Textbook PDF Download | New 2078 Book

Curriculum Development Center (CDC) – an apex body in Nepal responsible for the curriculum of school education (K-12) has been committed for the phase-wise implementation of the new curriculum. This year, they are implementing new curriculum and textbooks for grade 6 as well.

Though quite lately, they have started to keep the textbooks as PDF files in their websites. While, the teachers are much enthusiastic to see the new textbooks beforehand, to prepare themselves as an effective teacher, they find it difficult to locate and download the same resource.

We have attempted to channel that enthusiasm by providing the download link of the same resources kept in authentic channels like website of CDC, CEHRD and OLE – Nepal’s E-Pustakalaaya.

Please follow the links given below to download the new 2078 BS PDF versions textbooks of Health Science, Physical Education and Creative Arts of grade 6 / Swasthya, Saareerik tatha Sirjanatmak Kala class 6. Further below, we have shared the links of Oasis Publications where they have provided Flipbooks of Grade 6 HPE and CA.

Class 6 HPE and Creative Arts - CDC

Disclaimer: Please comment below if any of these links are not taking you to the required resource.

HPE and CA – Nepali Medium

Grade: 6 (VI)
Publisher: CDC
Year: 2078 BS
File Size: 37.4 mb
Link(s): CDC , E-Pustakalaya , Link 3

Health Science, Physical Education and Creative Arts (Teacher Guide – will be updated soon)

Basic Education Curriculum of Grade 6-8

You might be interested to involve with your 6th grader with home-based activity book. Please download the home-activity book by clicking on the link below.

Class 6 HPE and Creative Arts - Oasis Publication

HPE and CA

Grade: 6 (VI)
Publisher: Oasis Publication
Year: 2078 BS
Author: Dheejan Babu Kafle
Link(s): Website , Flipbook

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