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We believe in the African philosophy – moreover the way of life called Ubuntu which basically means I am We and We are I. Based on such values, we have been continuing our journey since 2011. 

For now, we have been trying to locate (provide the exact) links of textbooks, teachers guides, and other resources and share with teachers and students across Nepal. Actually, most of the resources are found in the websites of CDC, CEHRD, and OLE – Nepal’s E-Pustakalaya which are more authentic sources, and also from generously providing private publications and very few sources in Google Drives. 

Please navigate to download the PDF of the resources (textbook and teacher’s guide) of grade 6 / class 6 – Science and Technology whose links are provided below.

New 2078 Science and Technology Textbook – 3.65 mb

Download PDF

Teacher Guide – will be updated soon

Download PDF

Basic Education Curriculum of Grade 6-8

Download PDF

You might be interested to involve with your 6th grader with home-based activity book. Please download the home-activity book by clicking on the link below. 

Download PDF

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