Optional Mathematics is generally regarded as a subject that prepares school aged students for enrolling in any within the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) discipline. However, this popular belief may not hold true to some other students who did not select this subject in their schools. I have a friend from the school who actually has become researcher in statistics without the history of selecting optional mathematics at school.

Optional mathematics is generally introduced at grade 9 in many schools. However, few schools introduce this subject as early as grade 8. Curriculum Development Centre has provided the Optional MathematicsGrade 9 textbook in PDF. Please see the box below to get the link to download the book.

Shubharambha Publication has generously provided flipbook version of Optional MathematicsGrade 9. Popularly, this subject has other calling names too – Opt. Maths Class 9, Optional Maths Class IX. Teachers find the flipbooks very useful in online teaching. However, paper versions of textbooks are far better in students’ learning. Please find the book info in the box below and the actual flipbook of the book further below.

Class 9 Optional Mathematics Book | Grade 9 / IX Optional Mathematics Textbook

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Class 9 Opt Maths Textbooks

Optional Mathematics – Grade 9 (Shubharambha Publications)

Opt Maths

Grade: 9 (IX)
Publisher: Shubharambha Publication
Year: 2077 BS
Link(s): Website , Flipbook

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