We recently discovered a classic Nepali Book Thulo Varnamala (ठूलो वर्णमाला) in PDF.

I personally recall my pre-primary days and this book. This book consisted of language literacy, and numeracy. In fact, this book was one of the most efficient educational resources for pre-primary and primary kids of Nepal.

Download Nepali Thulo Varnamala Book in PDF

Contents of Thulo Varnamala Book

This multidisciplinary early childhood book for Nepal consisted of these contents.

16 Swara1
36 Vyanjans (Aksharas)4-11
Table of Swaras and Vyanjans12
36 Vyanjans x 12 Swaras Table13-14
Different Writing Forms of Selected Aksharas14
Writing Rules in Nepali15
Nepali Exercises16-17
Names of Various Objects, Male Names, Female Names18
4 Reading Lessons19-21
Nyauri Mari Pachuto – Story21
Himmat Harnu Chhaina – Motivational Story of a Thirsty Crow21-22
Buddhiman Kharayo (Story of a Clever Hare)22-24
Buddha Bhagwan (Life Story of Siddhartha Gautam Buddha)24-27
Pitri Bhakta Shrawan Kumar (Story)27-29
Mahakavi Kalidas (Life Story)29-32
Aaruni (Story)32-34
Bina Guru Vidhwaan Hune Baalak (Story of Ekalavya- a wise man with no teacher)34-37
Jyotish Lesson38
Counting Numbers Ek – Saya (one to hundred), Place value, 39
Multiplication Tables40-41
Pauwa, Pauna, Savaiya41
Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division42
Kapali Tamsuk (a Legal Document)43
Application Letter/ Request Letter 43
English Alphabet44
Vyanjan (Consonant), Baarhakhari 45-46
Combined Consonants in Nepali46
Aakar, Hraswa Ikaar, Deergha Eekaar, Hraswa Ukaar, Deergha Ookaar, Ekaar, Aikaar, Okaar, Aukaar, Anuswar47
Romanizing Nepali Names, 7 Days and 12 Months (Gregorian Calendar), Romanizing Common Nepali Statements48
Romanizing Devanagari City Names49
English – Nepali Lessons49-52
Numbers (Figures) in English53
Informal and Formal Letters in English54
Business Letter in English 54-55
Sample of Address in Envelope56
Accounting Monthly Salary56
Measurement Table (Mass, Length, Volume, Time, Practical Measurements in Daily Contexts)57

Thulo Varnamala Book in PDF

Parents and grandparents who want to share their childhood memories with the kids at homes can use this book. Doing so, they add vividness in their quality learning time with the young ones.

If you are interested only on 36 vyanjans and 12 swaras, you can try downloading clourful poster from here.

Please download the classic Nepali Thulo Varnamala book (PDF) from here.

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