Code of Conduct for Teachers

                                          GRADED ENGLISH MEDIUM SCHOOL

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At Chelsea our priority is our children. Children are learning all of the time and it is therefore important that the example we set them is always of the highest calibre. We understand that it is our responsibility to set high standards and examples of behavior and conduct which our children can emulate. This code of conduct helps all staff understand which behaviours we aim to demonstrate at all times.

As professional teachers we will:

ü  Use good manners and show respect towards our colleagues by saying  ‘Hello’, ‘Namaste’, ‘Well done’ or ‘Thank you’

ü  Be positive, pro-active and result-driven

ü  Avoid gossip!

ü  Maintain confidentiality about anything that we see or hear in the school, so that parents and children can trust us, and as a way of showing respect to our fellow professionals

ü  Use and follow the established lines of communication so that important information is shared and disseminated

ü  Work as part of a team, contributing as well as learning from others and helping to build up a strong workforce so that we can provide the best possible learning opportunities for our children

ü  Treat everyone with respect understanding we each have different roles 

ü  Ensure that we arrive to work on time, prepared and ready for the day ahead

ü  Use social media responsibly

ü  Be confident in our professional capabilities.


When problems arise:

§  Talk it and sort it out – be open and honest  about how you are feeling

§  Agree a way forward

§  Listen to one another and try to appreciate a different point of view

§  Seek support from your coordinators or from the board of school management

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