Did you miss the radio classes (Radio Nepal) for grade 9 and 10? Programmes are now on Internet !

The radio educational programmes have been archived into web cloud (internet space) by Distance Education and Open Learning wing of Centre for Education and Human Resource Development, Ministry of Education, Science and Technology, Nepal.

Now, you can visit the Facebook page called ‘Distance Education & Open Learning‘ and click the link posted by them in their Facebook page’s wall. The address of their Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/radiodistance/. You will be then taken to another window where you can click play button to listen to the programmes of respective subjects and grades. You can also download and listen the mp3 version of the educational programmes at your convenience.  To get access to the facebook page and to the programme, you do not need to have Facebook account and Cloudapp account

For your convenience, we have broken down the steps (see below). 
1. Go to Facebook page called ‘Distance Education & Open Learning
2. Scroll down to find the radio programme for respective grade and respective subject. For now, the Radio Programmes by Government of Nepal that airs through Radio Nepal are for grades 9 and 10. Hence, on this page, you will find the same that have been aired through Radio Nepal. If we get some updates on other grades, we will write on another blog.
3. Click to the link for the respective radio programme.  You will be taken to a new window of Cloudapp which hosts the mp3 files of the radio programmes. You are free to listen to the programme through internet, or download it to save the mp3 file and listen to the programme from your storage device

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