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Download and Read Grade 7 (Class 7) Textbooks and Resources for Free !

First of all, we would like to stress on prime message from us. We are at a couple of months more than a year since the global pandemic of COVID19 struck us. We already completed an academic year amidst the surge and subsiding of the waves of infections. We are not sure how this particular virus situation (and perhaps new global challenges) unfold. Hence, we must have become more open towards the use of technology that enables us to teach and learn in distance mode. We must admit that the innate human nature is that – we do our best when we are together face-to-face. However, we must do something protecting ourselves from the emerging challenges as we as humankind have collective wisdom to confront every situations, the scientific way.

Coming to the context of this blog – earlier we had tried to make single blogs for every subjects and every grades to share the textbooks and other learning resources for the teachers in Nepal. 

We again thought that we could make a single blog with all the textbooks and other teaching-learning resources for a single grade.

Hence, as an experimental basis, we have attempted to list (to download the materials or to read them) the teaching-learning resources for grade 7 of school curriculum of Nepal.


{getButton} $text={Download PDF (12 mb)} $icon={Download}


{getButton} $text={Download PDF (23.14 mb)} $icon={Download}


{getButton} $text={Download PDF} $icon={Download}

Science and Environment

{getButton} $text={Download English Medium PDF 1.74 mb} $icon={Download}

 {getButton} $text={Download Nepali Medium PDF 2.67 mb} $icon={Download}

{getButton} $text={Download Teacher’s Guide PDF 1.31 mb} $icon={Download}  

 Social Studies and Population Education

{getButton} $text={Download PDF (25.6 mb)} $icon={Download} 

Moral Education

{getButton} $text={English Medium PDF (1.45 mb)} $icon={Download} 

{getButton} $text={Nepali Medium PDF (15.93 mb)} $icon={Download} 

{getButton} $text={Teacher’s Guide PDF (0.67 mb)} $icon={Download}

Health and Physical Education

{getButton} $text={English Medium PDF (1 mb)} $icon={Download}

{getButton} $text={Nepali medium PDF (15 mb)} $icon={Download} 

Occupation, Business and Technology Education 

{getButton} $text={English Medium PDF (1.7 mb)} $icon={Download} 

{getButton} $text={Nepali Medium PDF (14 mb)} $icon={Download}

Optional Sanskrit

{getButton} $text={Download PDF} $icon={Download}

Self-Learning Book

{getButton} $text={Download PDF (11.03 mb)} $icon={Download} 


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