If you have been struggling to find a textbook for Compulsory Science (English medium / Nepali Medium) – Grade 10 / Class 10, we have found a few solutions as provided by the publishers themselves, and hereby share the links for getting PDF files of the books.

Update: We are planning to post the teaching-and learning resources like video lectures, lesson plans, useful websites and tools, model questions and answers and so on.

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Science and Technology (Vigyan tatha Pravidhi)

Grade:10 (X)
Publisher: CDC
Publication Date: 2080 BS
Link(s): Link 1 , Better Graphics Books (Page 1-241, Page 242-460)

1Scientific StudyNotes, Solution
2Classification of Living BeingsNotes: Plant Kingdom, Kingdom Animalia
3Honey BeeLife Cycle of Honeybee, Classification, Structure, Colony and Importance
4HeredityNotes, Solution
5Physiological Structure and Life ProcessHuman Heart, Circulatory System, and Blood Circulation, 4 Common Heart Diseases
6Nature and Environment
7Motion and Force
8PressurePressure, Pascal’s Law: Notes and Important Questions
11Electricity and Magnetism
12UniverseUniverse – Big Bang Theory and Future of Universe
13Information and Communication Technology
14Classification of Elements
15Chemical ReactionChemical Reaction, Types of Chemical Reaction and Factors Affecting its Rate
16GasesCarbon dioxide (CO2) and Ammonia(NH3)
17Metals and Non-metalsNotes
18Hydrocarbon and its CompoundsNotes
19Chemicals Used in Daily Life

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  1. कक्षा 10को विज्ञान तथा प्रविधी नेपाली माध्यम

  2. I need complete solutions of class 10 science book of Vidyarthi pustak bandar publication plz

  3. You should start an app for supporting students.Like .. guide book of science in english and nepali medium.