Hamro Serofero is a new textbook developed as a part of the new curriculum to be gradually launched from grade 1 / class 1 – all over Nepal.

This textbook covers many aspects of a child’s surroundings – natural science, social science, moral and emotional aspects, art and craft – creative art, ICT and technology. Teachers are expected to get oriented to integrate this textbook even in language learning and mathematics learning. This has been done to introduce and implement integrated curriculum and learning in Nepal. This also aims to reduce the physical load caused by the enormous amount of individual domain based textbooks and notebooks that a little child has to bear in his/her rucksack while attending the school.

grade 1 hamro serofero book
Please save the PDF File in your device’s memory so that you need not come online time and again.

For now, please follow these links to get the textbook, teacher’s guide and the curriculum of grade 1 / class 1 to 3.

Hamro Serofero (Textbook)

Download PDF (16.87 mb)

Hamro Serofero (Textbook – Alternative Server)

Download PDF (16.87 mb)

 Hamro Serofero (Teacher Guide)

Download PDF (4.37 mb)

Curriculum of Grade 1-3

Download PDF (1.9 mb)

You might be interested to involve with your first grader with home-based activity book. Please download the home-activity book by clicking on the link below. 

Download PDF (16.12 mb)

You might want to download Hamro Serofero Books for grade 1, grade 2 and grade 3:

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