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Download Mero Ganit (My Mathematics) – Grade 3 (Class 3) Textbook, New Curriculum 2078 BS and Home-Practice Book

CDC has been gradually implementing the new integrated curriculum throughout the basic school system (grade 1 to grade 8) of Nepal. It is said that the new integrated curriculum will also be attempted in high school (grade 9 to grade 12 / grade 13 in case of technical school) of Nepal. 

As for now, we already have seen few of the published and successfully piloted textbooks of the  new integrated curriculum. There are spaces for local curriculum as well, however, we have found 4 core textbooks for grade 3. For this blog, we are hereby sharing Mero Ganit – My Mathematics of Grade 3 which is published earlier this week 2078 BS. The colourful book is interesting – and you as teachers might be very interested to get the paper version of the new textbook. 

While the paper publications working for the CDC have been keeping themselves very busy and the 2078 academic year has already started, it is wise to download the PDF files (see the authentic link below – from CDC, E-Pustakalaya, and CEHRD) to download the textbook, curriculum and the practice book for optimal learning of the 3rd grader of Nepal.

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Click below to download the New Integrated Curriculum for grades 1,2 and 3.

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You may also want to click on the link below to get the home-practice material for pupils of grade 3 (PDF file).

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